Sandy Jordan

I am using a technique to develop the voice that gives singers the ability and strength to sing any style, whether it be pop, jazz, rock, blues, hip hop, rap, Broadway, or the classics. It is called the Bel Canto method. Bel Canto is the most natural method of singing. When a singer learns this method singing becomes as easy as talking.

Singers using this method find it easier to sing and the more they sing, they find the easier it gets, and the clearer and stronger the sound. I used this technique when I sang 18 hours for the Guinness Book of Records.

As we develop the singing voice we also develop the speaking voice. My method develops both at the same time. For the actor it is acting set to music. My method is extremely good for the actor as it adds a flexibility and depth to their sound and enriches their voice.

The relaxing exercises and most important, the breathing exercises are the most important part of singing. They are the foundation on which we build our vocal house.

The exercises also give the singer the physical strength to support their voice. My training also seems to eliminate any stage fright one thinks they might have or have had in the past. The student's concentration is on what they are doing not on the fact that they are doing it. They become conscious instead of self conscious.

The exercises are carefully chosen and limited to a few minutes. I have developed an unusual and instantaneous method of voice placement that works like a charm.As we develop the voice we are also working on one or two songs. Each piece is developed in a way that allows the performer to access and define their own or their characters unique personality and sound. If applicable, we also examine and work on the ways a singer develops a warm rapport with their audience.

I have had many years training in Bel Canto as well as acting and many years experience performing as a singer and as an actress and know that they go hand in hand. Thus I also use acting techniques in the preparation of material.

I have devised a special teaching program that develops the singer faster than any other program I have found.

This style of teaching is perfect for the actor who wants to sing, for pianists who want to sing, the beginner, the singer who has been having vocal problems or wants to become a better singer or the total amateur who always wanted to sing.